Overhead crane manufacturing

Our team works on the basis of the needs of each client, so the range of equipment available is very wide.

Production of overhead cranes

Bofortex, S. L.

We have been manufacturing more than 250 cranes per year for more than 10 years. Our equipment and infrastructure allow us to manufacture small and large-scale projects.

Our overhead crane productions include the following examples:

Annual produced cranes
Years of Experience
Warehouse m2
Fabricación puentes grúa: grúa de proceso Smarton & Uniton
Smarton & Uniton process cranes

Our process cranes are custom-built to suit specific manufacturing processes, with high load capacities up to 250 tonnes.

Up to 250Tn
Recycling, waste handling, aeronautics, ...
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Fabricación puentes grúa: grúa birraíl CXTD
CXTD double-girder cranes

Double girder overhead cranes are capable of carrying loads of up to 250 tonnes and spans of more than 40 metres. These overhead cranes can be configured in different ways, which gives them great versatility for use and maintenance.

Up to 250Tn and 40m span
Incorporation of second trolley
CXT Uno and CXT Neo
Fabricación de puentes grúa: grúa monorraíl CXTS
CXTS single-girder cranes

The overhead cranes of the CXT Uno and CXT Neo categories are ideal for moving materials weighing between 1.5 and 80 tonnes, equipped with electric wire rope hoists. Suitable for any industrial sector. Can be designed with additional features, such as the addition of a second hoist.

Between 1.5Tn and 80Tn
Possible second hoists
Laminated profile <15m | Box girder <45m
Bofortex, SL

For more information about the manufacture of overhead cranes, please contact us.

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