Double girder overhead travelling cranes, construction and characteristics

Double girder overhead travelling cranes are a versatile and efficient solution for handling loads in various industrial environments. Their innovative design and ability to adapt to different needs make them an outstanding option for optimising production and logistics processes.

What are the double-girder overhead cranes?

Double girder overhead cranes are lifting and transport systems that travel along rails installed at height, allowing the safe and precise movement of heavy loads in confined spaces. This feature makes them ideal for environments where high manoeuvrability and significant load capacity are required.

  • Versatility: The double girder overhead travelling cranes can be adapted to different types of loads and working environments, from warehouses to industrial plants.
  • Efficiency: The design allows for efficient and fast operation, which helps to optimise production and logistics processes.
  • Security: Equipped with advanced safety systems, the double girder overhead travelling cranes ensure the protection of both the load and the personnel operating around them.
  • Space Saving: By moving along overhead rails, these systems utilise vertical space, freeing up work and storage areas.

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Applications of double-girder overhead cranes

Double girder overhead cranes find application in a wide range of industries, including automotive, metallurgy, logistics, construction and more. From transporting materials to handling heavy machinery, this equipment is instrumental in improving efficiency and productivity in a variety of sectors.

  • Carrying Capacity: It is crucial to select a double girder overhead crane with the right capacity to handle the specific loads of each operation.
  • Dimensions and Space Available: The space available in the installation must be considered to ensure that the overhead crane can operate optimally without obstruction.
  • Application Specific Requirements: Every industry and work process has its own needs. It is important to choose a double girder overhead crane that is perfectly adapted to the particular requirements of the operation.

These types of overhead cranes represent an efficient and versatile solution for handling loads in industrial environments. Their ability to adapt to different applications, combined with their operational efficiency and focus on safety, makes them an indispensable tool for improving productivity and optimising work processes in various industries.

Metal structure of overhead crane in transport.
Manufacture of double girder overhead crane.
Metal structure for double girder overhead crane.
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