Girder crane rail, calculation and characteristics

The crane runway girders ensure the optimal functioning of the equipment. They act as a load support, allowing the bridge trolley to move and facilitating the transport of heavy loads. In addition, they distribute the vertical loads evenly, avoiding stress concentration points and ensuring the stability of the system.

Girder design for overhead travelling cranes

Overhead crane girders are the rails on which overhead cranes travel. The precise design of the crane girder in a bridge crane requires knowledge of the dimensions and functionality of the equipment. Specialised software is used to model moving loads and complex structures such as crane girders in an industrial environment.

Their design, whether as independent multi-span or continuous isostatic rail beams, plays a crucial role in the reduction of deflections and the selection of suitable cross-sections. It is essential to control the serviceability and ultimate limit states, ensuring that the deflection does not exceed the limit values and verifying the resistance of the beam to the applied loads.

Necessary Checks for Rail Beam Design

  1. Determination of stresses and strains: Identify the loads and forces affecting the crane girder during operation.
  2. Determinación de tensiones y deformaciones: Assess the geometry and dimensions of the beam to ensure strength and stability.
  3. Global Effort Testing: Verify the structural resistance of the beam to external loads and applied moments.
  4. Lateral buckling: Assess the lateral stability of the beam to prevent possible collapse or unexpected deformation.
  5. Comprobación de Esfuerzos Locales: Analyse the stresses at specific points of the beam to ensure its integrity.
  6. Dent: Prevent excessive deformations that could compromise the functionality of the beam in service.
  7. Deformation Testing: Verify that the beam deflections are within acceptable limits for proper operation.
  8. Fatigue Check: Assess the resistance of the beam to cyclic loading to ensure its durability over time.

The use of specialised software for the design of crane girder rails is essential to ensure the safety, efficiency and durability of these structures in demanding industrial environments such as ours. Bofortex.

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