5Tn single-girder overhead crane for material handling in the warehouse

We specialize in manufacturing metal structures and lifting equipment, including metal overhead cranes and monorail console cranes like this one, for our client LBCranes Lifting Equipments. For this project, our structure is combined with 5-ton BLIFT hoists, which are the perfect choice for efficient material loading and unloading.

Our metal structures are designed with the highest quality and resistance, guaranteeing a solid base for the overhead crane. It is ideal for optimising loading and unloading operations in different industrial environments. With their sturdy design and versatile functionality, our console cranes allow for efficient material handling, improving productivity in the process.

We take pride in offering reliable and high-quality lifting solutions for our clients like LBCranes Lifting Equipments. If you are looking for lifting equipment and metal structures for your industrial needs, feel free to contact us.

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