Single-girder overhead travelling cranes: steel structure manufacturing

Single-girder overhead travelling cranes are a highly versatile and efficient lifting solution, ideal for handling heavy loads in confined spaces. Their innovative design enables material handling with load capacities of up to 16 tonnes and spans of up to 36 metres, even in low-ceilinged halls.

Features of single-girder overhead travelling cranes

These bridges stand out for their ability to adapt to the architecture and space available. With flexible mounting options, they can be adjusted to maximise hook height, making the best use of spatial circumstances and avoiding costly ship restructuring processes. In addition, these overhead cranes are often fitted with on rail beams which allow another dimension of load movement. The rail beams act as a load support, allowing the bridge carriage to move and facilitating the transport of heavy loads. 

The versatility of single-girder overhead cranes is enhanced by their compact design and simple operation. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and efficient materials, these cranes achieve maximum hook height without taking up excessive floor space. Their intuitive and reliable operation makes them the ideal choice for any industrial environment requiring heavy load handling.

Single-girder overhead crane manufacture.
Metal structure for monorail overhead crane.

Manufacture of metal structure for single-girder overhead crane

The steel structures for overhead cranes we manufacture ensure optimum strength and durability. Thanks to high-quality materials and advanced welding techniques, these cranes offer reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. You can check our offer at production page of metal structure for equipment.

SIngle-girder overhead travelling cranes represent a comprehensive solution for lifting needs in industrial environments, combining spatial adaptability, reliable performance and operational efficiency in a single lifting system.

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